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Exploring The Benefits Of Virtual Schools

06 Aug 2011 - materials, Watson, Winograd, and Kalmon (2004, cited in Smith, Clark, & Blomeyer, 2005) see online learning as “education in which instruction and content are delivered primarily via the internet” (p. 95). Over the last few years, the transition from correspondence mode to online mode has been apparent, which in turn has very significant advantages for reducing the amount of time used to contact students and to maximize the active involvement of students in their course. The link between ... mediated learning need to be clearly defined if virtual school is to fulfill its potential. If stakeholders of virtual school find it useful, the future of virtual school will likely to be blooming. Drawing upon some research studies explaining the value of virtual schools, this paper, therefore, try to find specific benefits that can be obtain from participating in virtual schools. This paper first intends to describe the characteristics of virtual school that link virtual schools to class- ...
Diana Tien Irafahmi[1] Abstract This paper presents a discussion of virtual schools, including a review of characteristics and major issues surrounding the existence of virtual schools. While the phenomenon of virtual school will continue to grow, there are still controversies regarding the benefits of virtual school. In an effort to understand the benefits of virtual school, the discussion is focused on the perspectives of three main stakeholders: students, parents and society. This paper might be useful for anyone considering virtual schools, as well as business entering the virtual schools hardware/software market. INTRODUCTION Virtual school is experiencing strong growth worldwide, particularly in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, where advances in technology have been employed which make virtual learning possible to implement. While Clark (2001) estimated that approximately 40,000 to 50,000 students in US enrol in a virtual school course in 2001 – 2001, at the beginning of 2007, Watson (2007) put the prediction number of enrolments at about 500,000 to one million with the average annual growth rates between 15% to 50% over multiple years in the US. The total number of virtual schools in the US is about 200, up from fewer than a dozen in the ...
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